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İngilizce meslek tanıtımları - Scientist

Eğitim kategorisinde ve İngilizce English forumunda bulunan İngilizce meslek tanıtımları - Scientist konusunu görüntülemektesiniz.
İngilizce meslek tanıtımları - Scientist bilim adamının ingilizce tanıtımı Scientist (Bilimadamı): Scientists are people who try to figure out how ...

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Alt 07-05-2013, 16:06
Standart İngilizce meslek tanıtımları - Scientist

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İngilizce meslek tanıtımları - Scientist

bilim adamının ingilizce tanıtımı
Scientist (Bilimadamı):

Scientists are people who try to figure out how the many different things in our world and our universe work. This includes scientists who study the biggest galaxies to those who study the tiniest atoms! Scientists use special methods to examine what they’re studying by proposing an explanation to a question or problem, collecting evidence and running tests, and then forming a conclusion based on the results!

A scientist might work in a laboratory, out in nature, at a special office, as a professor, as a writer or journalist, and more! To answer puzzling questions, scientists might do everything from performing tests and collecting surveys to brainstorming and daydreaming! Scientists use all kinds of different tools for their jobs: Computers, telescopes, microscopes, rulers, thermometers, barometers, scales, beakers and test tubes, and much more!

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