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Im a soap maker, a cold-process soap maker, which means I take fats/oils, water/milk, and lye to make soap. I ...

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Okunmamış 25-06-2012, 23:08
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Im a soap maker, a cold-process soap maker, which means I take fats/oils, water/milk, and lye to make soap. I also use essential oils to scent my soaps, and items such as calendula petals, rose petals, powdered oatmeal, poppy seeds, and cornmeal to give interesting texture and cleansing abilities (exfoliators).

I wanted to learn to make soap since I was 15 years old, but since I am a hands-on learner and learn best by watching and doing, I felt a bit out of my league with teaching myself. Then when I was about 38 years old, I came across a book about making home made soaps. I read through this book several times, began to buy and assemble items I would need, and within a couple of months I was making soaps. It is time consuming, can be expensive, and is something that you do not use right away as soap must cure out for several weeks before it is safe to use.
I also love the creative outlet that soap making allows me as I can make my own recipes, use others recipes, modify others recipes, and experiment with various fats and oils. Soaps can be made from animal fats such as lard and tallow (rendered beef suet) to vegetable and nut oils such as olive, vegetable oil, shortening, sunflower, almond, safflower and corn oils. Shea butter, hemp oil, and jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil can also be used. It is a very diverse choice that I have to choose from.
I also love to bake and make all kinds of goodies from angel food cakes to gingerbread to homemade marshmallows. I also bake breads of all kinds such as quick breads made from fruits and baking soda to yeast-raised and sourdough breads. I have taught classes on bread making as it is such a fun and satisfying craft.
I love to make all kinds of bread, from the tradtional sour doughs to sweet and savory breads. I like to make traditional loaves, braids, bow knots, and even doughnuts and tortillas. I taught myself to make bread when I was 15 years old and have been experimenting with various flours. One is not limited to basic white flour as there is millet, spelt, rye, and amaranth, among others, that can be made into hearty loaves. A good hearty loaf of peasant-style bread is a great gift to take to friends.
I buy whole wheat berries and grind my own wheat in a hand-cranked mill that makes the best flour. In this way I get the freshest and most wholesome product with minimal work.
I love self-sufficiency and being able to make my own things without relying on others for all of my needs. Being a fiercely independent person, I have taught myself many, many things since I was a young teen. I have many other interests, but these two hobbies are ones I not only enjoy doing for myself and my family, but that I also enjoy teaching to others. There is a great deal of satisfaction in knowing one has made the items that one uses and consumes. And I know the quality of the products that goes into my creations. I can easily buy a bar of soap from the store, but how much better to reach for a bar of organic soap made from a combination of oils of my choosing, with the heady scent of lavender and patchouli to fill my nostrils. Or I might have a bar made from olive oil and nut oils, scented with cinnamon, clove, and orange. The possibilities are endless.

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Okunmamış 30-10-2012, 20:46
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